10 Ways To Use Video To Grow Your Business


Are you currently using video as part of your marketing strategy? 

A recent study from Wyzowl indicates that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. 81% of marketers said video has helped them directly increase sales and 93% of marketers said that video has helped them increase brand awareness. 

The study also suggests that people are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video as 88% of people said that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Similarly, according to a survey by Renderforrest, 78% of users got more traffic to their website after using videos

Creating video content doesn’t have to be time consuming and you don’t need fancy camera equipment or expensive software. There are lots of different ways to create engaging video content to grow your audience and attract your ideal clients and customers. 

Here are some ideas to give you some inspiration for creating video content that you can share on social media (and your website and landing pages) to help you stand out, grow your business and make more sales. 


Create How To Videos

Why not share your expertise with your audience by creating a ‘how to’ video. You can either create a long video and provide detailed information about a particular topic or you can keep your videos short and concise by focusing on one specific tip or piece of advice. ‘How to’ videos are great for content marketing as they help your audience to achieve a particlar result or goal as well as showcasing your expertise. The more helpful and useful content you share, the more people will get to know, like and trust you.


Share a Video Testimonial Or Case Study

One of the best ways to showcase the results you get for your clients is by the reviews and testimonials that they leave after working with you. A testimonial is a great way for someone to get an understanding of what your actual customers have to say about the products or services you provide. Written testimonials are great, however video testimonials provide an extra insight into what it is like to work with you and the results your products or services provide. You can also share video case studies that go into more depth regarding the process and the outcome of hiring you or working with you. 


Create a Promo Video or an Explainer Video

Promo videos and explainer videos provide an overview of the services that you provide. They are a great way to get noticed by your ideal clients and to showcase your business and your brand. A good explainer video will ‘speak’ directly to your target audience, provide an overview of what you offer and present a solution that meets their needs. You don’t have to create a long video, in fact, short and to the point is best for this type of content so that you can grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. One to two mins is an ideal length for a promo video. 


Share a Behind The Scenes Video

Sharing a behind the scenes insight into your business or a ‘day in the life of’ video is a great way to let your audience get to know a bit more about you. You could talk about how you go about your day, share your routine or talk about your daily business tasks and how you stay productive. You could also talk about your hobbies or what you do for fun. Your content doesn’t just have to be about your business. The more your readers get to know and trust you, the more likely they will buy from you. You don’t have to share every aspect of your life though, focus on the things your audience can learn from you. 


Turn A Blog Post Into An Eye Catching Video

If you don’t have time to create a video from scratch, you can very easily create a video from one of your blog posts in just a couple of clicks by using a tool such as Lumen5. Simply paste your blog url into the software and it will automatically create a video for you based on the info within your blog post. If you don’t have a blog post to share, you can just type some text directly into the software and it will automatically generate a video for you. This is a super simple way to create an engaging video without having to film yourself or talk on camera.


Share Your Story

People don’t necessarily buy based on facts and features and they don’t buy simply because you tell them that they need what you offer. People buy when they connect with you, they buy based on emotion and how your content makes them feel. People buy from people they trust and resonate with. This connection generally comes from content that is deeper than simply sharing the features and benefits of your product or service. Every business has a story to share (and that doesn’t mean you have to share your whole life story or share things that are very private to you), it could be as simple as talking about why you started your business, why you do what you do, what motivates you and what’s important to you. Give your audience an insight into who you are, inject some personality into your content and let them get to know you, the person behind the business. 


Go Live and Interact With Your Audience

If you enjoy speaking to an audience and are happy to talk live on camera, why not create live videos and interact directly with your followers. Lives tend to get a lot of engagement due to the interactivity and are a great way to deliver training or share something with your audience in real time. One of the benefits of live video is there no need to do any editing, simply hit the live button and talk. Your video will remain in your feed for anyone who wants to watch it on replay.


Use Video In Your Ad’s

If you are running ad’s on social media, you are leaving money on the table if you aren’t considering video as part of your strategy. Videos are engaging, eye catching and can be a lot more ‘scroll stopping’ than a simple text post. If you are talking in your video, include captions as many people browse social media with the sound off (captions also ensure your video is accessible to everyone). If you don’t want to appear in the video yourself, you can create an animated graphic or a short promotional video to get your message across and entice people to subscribe, sign up, get in touch, make a purchase or click through to a landing page or your website.


Create Reels and ‘Short Form’ Video Content

Reels are short videos that are fun, engaging and help to get your brand seen and noticed by your ideal clients and customers. Reels can include video clips, text, captions, graphics, backgrounds, stickers and audio / music. Short form video content such as reels are a great way to grow your brand and engage with your target audience. Whilst there is definitely a place for long form content (such as training videos, Youtube videos, promotional videos etc), short form content is attention grabbing, fun, shareable and memorable. Instagram reels, Facebook reels, tiktok and youtube shorts are all ideal for creating short form content. 


Repurpose Your Existing Content

You can create new videos from your existing videos by repurposing your content. You can create something fresh for your audience without needing to think of new ideas or start from scratch creating something completely new. You can repurpose your long videos into shorter video clips to share on social media or take a live video you have recorded and repurpose into smaller ‘bitesize’ videos or quick tips. You can also repurpose your videos into reels or shorts to share on Instagram or Tiktok.

It’s not only new videos you can create, you can also use a tool such as Otter.ai or Veed to transcribe a video into a blog post and or you can simply use your existing videos for ideas and inspiration when writing your social media posts.

Useful Tools For Creating Video Content

  • Capcut – A free, simple to use video editor that’s ideal for creating reels, shorts and video content for social media.
  • Inshot – An app for Android or iphone to easily trim, cut and edit your footage and add transitions, text, filters, stickers and audio.
  • Filmora – Simple to use video editing software for PC.
  • Davinci Resolve – A powerful post production tool with advaced effects, fillters and colour correction tools. Free for both Mac and PC.
  • Imovie – Imovie is free for all Mac users and is ideal for editing Youtube videos, promotional videos and reels and shorts.
  • Canva – Simple to use editing software to make basic edits to your videos, add stock content, graphics, text and audio. Includes lots of built in templates and stock content.
  • Flixier – Ideal for creating video content for social media. Easily edit your footage and add text, captions, filters, effects, transitions and audio.
  • Kapwing – Super simple editing software with everything you need to create eye cathching video content.
  • Invideo – Invideo contains thousands of built in templates for creating reels, tiktok videos and promo videos. Simply select a template and edit to suit your needs. Also includes text to video functionality, background removal and built in stock images, footage and audio.
  • Renderforrest – Create animated videos, presentations, mockups and graphics quickly and easily.
  • Powtoon – Create animated videos, explainer videos, whiteboard videos and presentations.
  • Veed – Trim, cut, crop and resize your videos and add music, effects, text and subtitles. Also includes text to speech. transcription, background removal and built in templates. you can also use veed for screen recording and live streaming.
  • Descript – Use desctip for transcribing, screen recording, adding captions and subtitles, editing and repurposing. You can also use descript to easily share your videos and embed onto your web pages or blog posts.
  • Adobe Premier Pro – Premium video editing software from Adobe. Ideal for those that require advanced features and editing tools.
  • Final Cut Pro – Premium video editing software from Apple.
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